Who Are We? What is a Collective?

The Womyn’s Centre is run by the Collective and in a collective structure, along with a coordinator.

What is a Collective You May Ask?

A collective is made up of individuals who come to the Centre, attend bi-weekly meetings, and take initiative in planning, organizing and hosting events, activities, workshops, crafts, etc., Collective members can dedicate as much or as little time as they can, and everyone’s ideas, experiences and input are valued in this process.There is no hierarchy within a collective (no boss) and all decisions are made together.

What Does the Coordinator Do?

The Coordinator is in place to oversee the financial and budget aspects of the Centre. The Coordinator is responsible for making sure events are paid for, rooms get booked, and ensures that the Centre’s budget is used as best as possible. The Coordinator is also in place to provide support to the Collective and assist in any ways possible with the process (facilitating meetings, engaging discussions).

Together, the Collective and Coordinator make up and run the Womyn’s Centre to provide a safe, respectful space for all womyn-identified folks on campus. We work together to resist sexism, homophobia and intersecting oppressions while celebrating our commonalities and differences as womyn.


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