What is UMSU?

University of Manitoba Student’s Union (UMSU)

The Womyn’s Centre is part of UMSUs student services. UMSU is the largest students’ association in Manitoba, with more than 22,000 undergraduate student members.

UMSU advocates on behalf of students to all levels of government involved with post-secondary education – Federal, Provincial, Municipal and Administration.

UMSU is Local 103 of the Canadian Federation of Students and works with the other elected representatives of students’ unions in Manitoba and across the country to lobby for high quality, accessible post-secondary education for all. UMSU also offers numerous services including a health and dental plan, campus radio, tutor registry, and gallery of student art . UMSU’s student owned and operated businesses include the UMSU Digital Copy Centre , GPA’s Convenience Store , Archives Used Bookstore , IQ’s Cafe and Billiards, Degrees Restaurant and The Hub.

Canadian Federation of Students (CFS)

UMSU represents students’ interests to the municipal, provincial and federal governments. As Local 103 of the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS), UMSU works together with other students’ unions provincially and nationally to lobby for a higher quality, accessible post-secondary education system. For more information on CFS please visit cfs-cfee.ca.

UMSU tackles issues such as the right to an accessible education and lower tuition fees for all students, restoration of federal funding for education, alleviating student debt, securing transit discounts, and academic issues such as advanced exam schedules.

One of UMSU’s fundamental roles is to represent students to the University, on both the Board of Governors and the Senate. The University of Manitoba operates under a bicameral system of governance. The Board of Governors resides over all financial matters of the University. The Senate resides over all academic matters of the institution. All academic matters with financial implications are approved by both the Senate and the Board.

For more information about UMSU including job opportunities, campaign info and programs/services, visit umsu.ca.


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