About the Womyn’s Centre

The University of Manitoba Womyn’s Centre is a queer-positive, pro-choice, feminist, non-hierarchical collective on campus. We are dedicated to challenging and organizing against sexism, racism, able-ism, classism, homophobia, age-ism, and fat-ism inside and outside of the university.

The Womyn’s Centre provides womyn-identified folks with free male/female condoms, pregnancy tests, menstrual products (pads, tampons), we have the Diva Cup for purchase $35, and a wealth of resources and material. We also have a library with books on everything from sexuality, health, fiction to feminism and history.

The Womyn’s Centre is run as a collective, which means that there is no hierarchy (no boss!). All women involved in the centre have equal say in the decisions made and can make as much or as little contribution to the collective as they are able. The centre does have a coordinators who help the centre run a little smoother, by taking care of the financial and ‘business side’ of things and providing the collective with support and encouragement. However, the decisions within the collective are made by all collective members and volunteers.

How to get in contact with us:

Telephone: (204) 474-6897
E-mail: womynscoordinator@umsu.ca

We are located in Room 190 Helen Glass Centre for Nursing (go through the door by the cashier’s office in the basement of University Centre, go right and through the set of doors opposite the stairs, turn left at the first hallway, and we are at the end of the hallway).

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